Sunday, April 27, 2008

He is the most unknown, well-known director out there. That, of course, probably being a bit of an exaggeration, but one gets the point. He has directed only six films in the last 39 years, but damn are they good films. I am speaking of Terrence Malick the “Bad Boy” of Hollywood. I coin him as the “Bad Boy” due to his method of directing, and the fact that he made an amazing picture and decided to run away to France for 20 years before picking up the camera again.

Recently, I went to a viewing of Days of Heaven. A 1970’s, American film, shot in our neighbor to the north Alberta, Canada, which has two very well-known actors and a fire scene worth a montage in Andrew Dominik’s newest feature. It was, if nothing else, a very pretty picture full of lyricism and bursting at the seams with poetic justice. In the footsteps of John Ford, Malick uses nature as much to motivate the plot as the characters. The cinematography, by NĂ©stor Almendros, was directly influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper, painter of Nighthawks (1942).

These two images are film stills from Days of Heaven, which are both examples of the use of landscape terms of plot. Also the images provide visual representation of the adaptation, on the cinematographers, of the Edward Hopper paintings.

A more artistic choice on the part of Malick, a common characteristic in his films, is the use of non-continuity editing and dialogue. Relationships are often never fully disclosed, there are questionable actions, such as a fight where it is never known if the opposing figure lives or dies. There are also cuts made that do not make sense, a shot of the two main characters embracing, a cut to a different character and when the camera cuts back to the two characters they are standing on opposite sides with no explanation why. As we have learned through recent award-winning films such as The Departed (2006) continuity has no part in the editing game. It seems that these “mistakes” are considered artistic choice. In this case one cannot credit or blame the editor. Malick always has the same continuity issues but never uses the same editor, cinematographer or writers. He is a true auteur in the French 1950’s, Andre Bazin sense of the word.

The most common complaint of the audience for this film is the use of a voiceover that is not traditional in the way it sounds. The character of Linda, who we never really know who she is in terms of other characters, has a thick “Chicago” accent and often sounds very masculine for being a young girl. The result of the voiceover has left the likes of Phil Solomon finding the feature less than inspiring. It really comes down to personal taste.

This film is worth checking-out. It was well cast, beautifully shot, simple film that established Malick as an artist and as a filmmaker. It is debatable if this transformation happened with Badlands (1973) or not until The Thin Red Line (1998). For arguments sake, I advocate that it started here with Days of Heaven, but as with any opinion I am open to discuss.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008


dickin it to the man.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little bit in love

with this song right now.


If you want more: use yo blogger toolz. If you want to purchase her debut album, click this one, but good luck trying to figure out what you're typing into those Swedish forms. And and and she's playing South by Southwest. It's just so damn catchy. I must have watched that Lykke Li video 6 times this morning. And and and she's touring with multi-linguist El Perro del Mar in April. Another Swedish artist who I'm only an instant fan having heard at most three of her songs. I kinda missed Perro's first album. But if you feel guilty for doing so and feel a need to redeem yourself, we've got a second chance with From the Valley to the Stars out in the Union of States on April 22nd. You can listen to the single released last Wednesday on 7" here. Just let it stream, as it will indeed and undoubtedly ferry you down a pleasant soulful rockabye with occasional trumpet-adorned flower patches and silky wisps of that beautiful voice I fell in love with with "Dog", which can be heard on her myspace. I thought of Glass Candy's "Rolling Down the Hills" whilst listening to "How Did we Forget", only slower, more minimal, and loungier, if I can rightfully say that.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Boris Yeltsin, I love you.

Despite your drunken bridge-stumblings and 2% end-of-term popularity rating, I mean, you were the first president of Russia, and without Russia, there'd be no Greg Estren. I miss him, dearly. Because of this, I think Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's name is warranted. Completely affirmed in fact of my own love for you. Admiration and interest in the least, but that's besides the point of this post. The point is, I'm a fan of the bands music, not really just their name. That makes me excited about Pershing, the soon-to-be-blasted-at-pablos-pizzeria new second full album. I've heard "Glue Girls", the first track off Pershing, and I hear a slightly faster, harder, if not subtly rockier sound. It has the same soft-tendered vocals and blippily-tweedy guitar, but closer to combining the poppier Spinto Band sound with something like Voxtrot. Raw. -er. I like it. Listen to it here. Or other stuff here. Be their friend. His friend too.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pretty little new Silver Mt Zion album!

THEE SILVER MT ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA & TRA-LA-LA BAND (official site) have a new one coming out next month, the 25th of March, and from reading the beautiful description Constellation Records gave out in concurrence with this release, as they always give out with items in their catalog, I couldn't give a proper statement or description about it were I to listen to it multiple times gathering every little detail about the 4 works (can't use songs) on the new album. That's something I plan to do anyway, maybe I'll write about it. whatever. It's going to be called 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons and it seems as though the first 12 tracks will be 4 to 5 second long "untitled" silent tracks. The music starts with number 13. I'm not sure what's behind this, but I guess you should probably just accept it. Read about it all here. I wish that astronaut was the album art, but it's not. the real album art can be seen with this link. !!!. I'm looking forward to new recorded material by anything Constellation puts out, as getting to one of these shows mostly goes under my nose. Either way, preorder this mother here.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Graveface records might be one of my new favorite labels. With a band roster including guys like Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Octopus Project, and The Appleseed Cast, there's no reason not to be ordering as much possible music from them as you can financially sustain. BMSR's Dandelion Gum double LP comes out in March (it's pink!) along with a 7" sometime in the spring. Along with that, expect a new album from Black Moth collaborator Ken Fec, who goes by Power Pill Fist, it's supposed to come out February 23rd though if you preorder through the site, you'll get it in the amount of time it takes to ship with its included beard stickers, and most likely some collectible Pac-Man stickers and a holographic Pittsburgh Steelers sticker. Also included will be a dvd with bright-colored polynomials pulsating to the incoherently harsh but similarly-BMSR electrosynth noise beats. Just play them both at the same time (a lot like Wizard People, Dear Reader), haha. It arrived in my mailbox today, and instantly got to my good side. If you're a fan of Black Moth, you're a fan of Ken Fec, and you'll most likely enjoy Kongmanivong, though I will warn you it's a bit harsher than anything you've heard from Fec, and as it is a completely separate entity from Black Moth, its strange, bass-driven, nuclear hazard alarm soundscapes will either draw you closer to this artist or let you know to stick to strictly BMSR releases. I loved it. I'd say at least give it a solid listen-to.

Also making me very happy with Graveface is the planned release of the long-awaited new Kid Dakota, who has told of the foreboding story of westward expansion through atomic bomb testing and Moscow-bound pilgrims named Ivan in 2004's The West is the Future. The new album will apparently be called A Winner's Shadow and is due out March 25th. Very fucking excited. Pick up either So Pretty or The West is the Future here.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sail On

Like the soft, almost lullabied rocking of a small sailing vessel, similarly sway you The Boats from Philadelphia, setting you to sleep not with their tender-hearted stories of unexpected reunions or of cutesy encounters with beautiful girls, but with their soft mesh of folk, southern/surf and strumrock that imitates the fabric of a homemade blanket found in a baby's crib. That woefully-skilled aesthetic that sets them in a category not easily identified, being almost the kind of music you'd expect people from all sorts of backgrounds to connect with. It's not a selfish, gimmicky, or contrived sound at all, it's sincere, and unapologetic for its pure rawness and amazingly well placed yelps and screams.
The Boats have been around for a while, and after a break that deprived many from anything new from these guys, the wonderment left after listening to their debut album was all you could envelope. It became a favorite over time, and the lack of track listings and presence of any activity only added to the mystique of The Boats, of which I knew almost nothing. Only hoping for a new Boats record kept me from not checking up on them every couple of months. I checked up on them about two weeks ago and read a nice little blog on their myspace telling of new Boats recordings. I'll let you read it yourself.
I don't know what their situation is, or why the hell they haven't been signed (causing the start of their own record label Future Furniture), but I know for certain there are plenty of waiting fans like me, just getting antsy to buy this new album. It was expected to come out this winter back in August, but regardless of the date, hype, or lack thereof, I have the full intention of getting this. Go listen, buy some of their songs off snocap (which ends up being the only place you can get any of the new recordings), and just enjoy. It's good music.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Temporary Listenence Unlimited.

How in the world can this happen? I missed a lot of great releases last year, but I guess a big part of blogging about music is not necessarily the speed at which you put something down upon, rather what you actually have to say about the music. Well, it may be really late, but I've recently acquired two-and-a-half albums released by Temporary Residence Limited in the fall of '07. When I say two-and-a-half, it's only because the first disc in a two-disc deal was mysteriously missing from the sleek cardboard quadro-fold case in which it came. Hopefully I can come into contact with the first disc of Tarentel's Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun. From what I've heard on disc 2, this is extremely cosmic music. With titles such as "A Crystal the Size of Our Moon in the Heart of a Pulsating White Dwarf", and "Cosmic Dust" (heard off their myspace), the odd, often warped or electrically stimulated soundscapes take names fittingly. "Mirrors, Gardens" along with the following track remind me of a BBC Goosebumps-equivalent series called Moondial as if it had been made by robots. I can't say a whole lot more beyond only having half the release which actually came out in 4 volumes through 2006-2007. Hopefully Temporary Residence can send the first disc to me cuz I needs to hear it.


The other two albums recently sent to me via postal service were Sleeping People's Growing, and Maserati's long-awaited (by me) Inventions for the New Season. I'll start with Maserati, which finally released "This is a Sight We Had One Day From the High Mountain" on an album. Watch super feet go!, and rest in the unexpected blissfulness you'll experience after viewing amazing music with amazing visuals. You can find the video on youtube, or in my other post, titled trl, which should be right below this post, anyway. Track 1, "Inventions", starts with an eerie wind blowing across what might be a deserted Colorado town out of Red Dawn or something. It then picks up into a Stevie-Knicks-type bassline that actually makes it a lot more fun to listen to, if I can rightfully say that. Another one of my fav tracks off this was "Synchronicity IV", which ends in a nice tribal drum-a-thon at about 6 minutes in; are those bongos I hear? maybe. The entire album comes off as a little more light-hearted and hopeful compared to The Language of Cities or even "Towers Were Wires", off the Cinemechanica/We Versus the Shark/Maserati split EP. This'll be playing in my reading time a lot this upcoming semester I'm guessing. Buy any Maserati release here.


Now: Sleeping People. Dudedog, this shit's crazy, and I mean to say that in a Zurek voice. Besides the accumulation of all the broken strings and splintered nails that this album undoubtedly shed, nothing is more rough than tracks like "Grow Worm" at 47 seconds, or "People Staying Awake" throughout, speaking in a nonmetal sense of the word rough, of course. These tracks are welcomed in the midst of the pleasing mesh of smooth off-signatures along with the sharp blips of guitar and effect pedals alike. The chimes in "Underland" would set you to sleep if not for the creepy and barely audible symbols and wind blowing in the background. The entire album up to the final track would have you believe it is an instrumental album if not for the verses sung in "People Staying Awake", which come around at 3:48. Stay up, stay up, stay up, and they don't make it hard standing up to find out if that really is the last song, because you want more. Overall great listen-to, buy this, if you want to be mentally stimulated while listening to uncommon but beautiful musical prowess.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Expect a full report from me in the near future.
For now, enjoy this great video. Go! Super feet! Go!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Local show this Weekend!

anybody in or near junktown
should hit it up. aaron's rap team
will be performing along with some
killer acoustic folk/electronic kids.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Me Versus We Versus the Shark

I've got a beef. A beef against We Versus the Shark. With whom I fell in love with in 2005 with Ruin Everything, a sporadically spastic, adrenaloid-infused and injected straight into your brain occasionally poppy enough for Lance Bass to enjoy. Well, they're doing a cover album for 2008 titled Murmurmur, which is actually rather awesome. But there's one problem with it that I'll get to later. This is what they'll be doing:
"Starting today, January 1st, and finishing up on December 1st 2008, each month we'll be posting a new MP3 to Quote Unquote Records of other people's jams. Some of the songs are by artists who have gained accolades in some circles but remain obscure in others; a few will be Athens bands we're excited to big-up. We here at We Versus the Shark believe that "interpreting" (whatever) other artists is a good way to learn about structure, melody, and other things we're generally confused by. Enjoy "Murmurmur."

Basically they're releasing a 12-song LP of covers by bands you may or may not have ever heard. The first of which is Pattern is Movement's "Right Away". This is great news. I suddenly got really excited about it. First great thing to look forward to this year, happening the minute I wake up from a treacherous night of debauchery, vomiting high-schoolers, and hooking up in your best friend's bedroom. Now to the beef: it's going to take the whole year to receive this album. While I can't complain about an entirely free full-length of covers, I don't really feel like waiting around every month for it to come. I loved the Ep of Bees EP though, Murmurmur will be good I'm guessing.

Listen to the first track released earlier today below.

Right Away- Pattern is Movement (We Versus the Shark cover)

expect a new full-length album this spring.

Monday, December 31, 2007

oh, 2007?

some albums that i listened to this year
that came out this year
and i enjoyed this year:

Times New Viking presented The Paisley Reich and I welcomed it with hugs and hifives.

It's lo-fi guitar scrambles and floortom loudpounds were enough to pull any rock and roll obscurist of the future back from their Deerhunter Cryptograms induced moonage daydream; if only for a week or two.

While confined to the solid ground of the earth realm, far from psychedrone rumbles of those which are registered socially and any recordings from any room of rare books one can take comfort, if in nothing else, clean, dry, words.

Brendan Fowler just wanted to hold someone just wanted to hold someone just wanted to hold someone. He let us know on the song, that happened to be the single, off of BARR's Summary. I've not been known for my love of spoken word. People feel they have to push it so hard, make it interesting. BARR doesn't have to pretend anything he's saying has any deep, poetic meaning. It either just does, or just doesn't. It's not dressed up. No messy theatrics; it's just BARR. And it's good.

And so you hear words. And they are spoke. But why say whole words? why not just syllables? sounds? Get something across with few choochoochoochoo's? a beepbeep?
Why not be the best fucking band evvvverrr?

Because noisepoppers Deerhoof already claimed that title. for the 8th fucking time this year.

i dont even need to talk about it.

i would just get so excited, i would start screeching
like a
like a fucking pterodactyl

like a

Pterodactyl's self titled/unofficially titled Blue Jay was an excitement this year. Loud, fast, Lighnting Bolt-esque drumming kept warm with with a thin layer of tremeloed distorters and high squawk melodies, but not too warm, not warm enough to fall asleep, which it briefly considers when surrounded by such beautiful ahhh harmonies.


fuck and yes.

With all the buzz, it was a hard one to miss this year.
Not to mention the fact that you could download the entire EP off of the bands myspace. And I feel it was warranted. The buzz, that is. I thoroughly enjoyed all four tracks off of Black Kids' Wizard of Ahhhs and a discussion with dear friend Erie about it actually led to the creation of this blog.

and now i will go

Marnie Stern's In Advance of the Broken Arm really was in advance of a broken arm. Whether it was hers from just flat out shredding too hard, mine from couchdancing too hard, or both mine and yours from hi fiving me so fucking hard after i showed you this. Solid.

No Age Weirdo Rippers was my favorite album of the year

and the death of rock and roll.

Have a good new year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

i love the shower girl

Black Dice are champions. This is taken as common knowledge and isn't stated nearly enough.

Start. This year's Load Blown made the "list" of my top albums of 2007 which I should be posting soon enough.

The album cover for Broken Ear Record is my favorite.

You can play with it in all of it's digital wonderfulness here.

former dicer Sebastian Blanck has some solo songs off his EP up for listen here some neat intimate paintings, rubbings and art stuff here and a cute baby here.

His music is far from his former psyche/noise terriblings of Black Dice, with an almost Jose Gonzalez feel. Vocals are very fittingly meek and whispered, and the songs in their entirety come off as very humble. It's a nice theme that he follows in both his music and paintings; it's all very sincere. He is not a bad songwriter either. I thought Neil Young when I heard the "without you" in the chorus of I Blame Baltimore and could see his golden heart singing it himself. Give it a listen. If nothing else, it's something to fall asleep to tonight.

Have a good new year's eve and I'll hopefully be posting some albums I liked this past year before it's too far over.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I've been reading loads of year-end reviews and top albums reviews and have seen a consistent few that appear on every single one. These are your Neon Bibles, your In Rainbows, and now and then your occasional Person Pitch and Kalas, which I'm all for. But I've got to give the top honors to a certain couple of albums which may not have made such a huge impact on the indie scene as anything, but made my time a lot more fun, and well, maybe they're really not the best albums of the year. This could officially be called the most-fun-albums-of-2007-for-layhee post.

8. Best Fwends- Alphabetically Arranged

Awarded Worst Album of the Month (for August I think) by Vice Magazine, Best Fwends' Alphabetically Arranged was a common and constant anthem heard around the newly-defunct shardhouse. Following their EP release in February 2005, this album featured an astronomical 34 tracks, allowed by the 2-minute average of the lengthier tracks. The sporadic and sentimentality-shift towards the vastly diverse influences heard on this album make it one of our favorites and number 7 on this far-cry from a legitimate readerworthy heap of a blog. Buy it from Moshi Moshi if you didn't get a chance to this year.

7. Health- HEALTH
LA. LA was a good place for music this year, making me realize that I was still into music from LA even if the last punk album I bought was in the 8th grade. This thing was recorded within the confines of The Smell and sounds pretty great. With the danceability of the CC remix of Crimewave and other such collabs and covers, not only was this release granted coolness points over most others, but also prompted the unwarranted, immediate, and simultaneous purchase of HEALTH shirts by aaron and i. Not wearing one of those shirts on the same day has proven to be easier than expected though. BuyBuy buy this at LovePump United now!!!

6. White Denim- Let's Talk About It EP

This came to me late in the year. I don't even know when it was released, and I'm not really excited about checking that right now, but when Let's talk about it (availible for listening here) hit my earholes last month, it was basically worth wearing those ridiculous earbuds that came with my phone in order to hear it in the most unconventional places (bathroom stall).

5. The Hood Internet- Mixtape Volume 1

Mashups, remixes, and the overall generalization of "computer music" was enhanced this year by the Hood Internet's perfect pitch of laying raps and rhymes over those damn catchy and untiring beats of the likes of some dope bands: Deerhoof, Hot Chip, CSS, Fujiya and Miyagi and shittons more. Whether or not people want to call this a legitimate album release is irrelevent, it's still damn good and tha best bump'n'grind music... if you're into that. I'm personally not a big fan of Hip-Hop, I don't enjoy it, and I don't think I would listen to anything you would call rap for any other reason you would listen to music. I do, however like the fluency of the words, the stylized enunciation and the occasional ridiculous praise to boobs, alcohol, or cappin' niggas. The Hood Internet sugar-coats the otherwise unnappealing poecism of these songs and sets them to more of my taste of musack. Thank you Hood Internet for familiarizing me with Lil Mama and Dizzee Rascal. Download the entire thing here. Yes! it's free!

4. Chromatics- Night Drive

Somber at times, always a good sound to fall asleep to, I found. Night Drive gave me an eerie, self-aware feeling, paranoiacal and almost tragic especially "Tomorrow is So Far Away". Just an overall solid listening-to and perfectly fitting title, for it is indeed what I would've listened to had I been driving at night for any portion of the fall of '07. Plus they cover Kate Bush. Listen.

3. Je Suis France-Afrikan Majik

First heard these guys with their second full-length which was released in 2003 on Athens-based Orange Twin (Elf Power's record label/land conservation project). Anyway, Afrikan Majik is indisputably majikal, with tracks such as "Sufficiently Breakfast", a sixteen-minute introductory to a release I had previously overlooked but had to come back and add to my albums list. Listen to "Whalebone", and watch the video for "That Don't Work That Well For Us", as ridiculous as it may be.

2. Deerhunter- Cryptograms
deerhunter cryptograms
Out early this year in January, it didn't come to me until around April when a certain Von Doesn'tleavehiscardoorlocked allowed me the pleasure of hearing such grandiose noise. This album later came to be one of my automatic favorites and recently came to mind when trying to decide what my favorite albums this year were.

1. Of Montreal- Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

It's just so faggy, only it does have soul power.
That's all.
Honorable mentions:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Social Registry...

So, if you don't know about the Brooklyn based label The Social Registry yet, then you need to check it out. They have, in the past few years, released some of the best music available today. The Social Registry is home to personal favorites like the Psychic Ills, Gang Gang Dance, Blood On The Wall, and Telepathe.
With new signees Growing, who have already established themselves as major players in the experimental psych/drone scene, and Blood On The Wall coming out with a new album in January, it seems like its just getting better and better.
You can check out some of their bands and get more info at the labels myspace page or the label website at

p.s. Psychic Ills please come out with a new album soon!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am selling a bunch of cds. They are $5 each.
Here is a list (sorry I didn't do it alphabetically...i'm lazy)
Lull-Cold Summer
Lungfish-Sound in Time
Microstoria- Reprovisers
Mouse on Mars-Varcharz
Ciccone Youth-the Whitey Album
Carribou-the milk of human kindness
Captain Beefheart-trout mask replica
Congotronics 2
Bowie at the Beeb-Sessions 68-72
Berlin- pleasure victim
Blight-Detroit:the dream is dead
Bananarama- WOW!
Pat Benatar- Best Shots
Aids Wolf-the lovers
Sonic Youth-self titled; experimental jet set, trash and no star; rather ripped;sonic nurse; nyc ghosts and flowers
Bad Brains-rock for light & i against i
pere ubu- dub housing
Beck- One foot in the grave
Blur- parklife
Coachwhips- bangers vs. fuckers
Archers of Loaf- speed of cattle
Locust- new erections
Wilco-a ghost is born
Walkmen- pussy cats
Wire- ibtaba
White Rock- tarpit
Wilderness- vessel states
Wooden Wand and Vanishing Voice- Gypsy Freedom
Weird War- if you can't beat 'em bite 'em
Flaming Lips- Soft bulletin; EGG
Devendra Banhart- nino rojo
Codeine- frigid stars
Belle & Sebastian- Books ep
Boris and Merzbow-sun baked snow cave
Ultra Vivid Scene- Rev
Xymox- twist of shadows & pheonix
Vaselines- a complete history
Pleasurehorse- bareskinrug
Elliott Smith- from a basement on a hill
Seam- are you driving me crazy
Rocket from the Crypt- hot charity
Q and Not U- power
Quintron- are you ready for an organ solo
Piano Magic-writers without homes
Primal Scream- vanishing point
Prinzhorn Dance School
Of Montreal- Coquelicot...; sunlandic twins
Dr. Octagon- the return of...
Dat Politics-tracto flirt
Eats Tapes-sticky buttons
Happy Mondays- pills, thrills and bellyaches
His Name is Alive- detrola
A Frames- black forest
Melt Banana- charlie
Moldy Peaches
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- best of; murder ballads
Butthole Surfers- independent worm saloon
Folk Implosion- take a look inside
Husker Du- warehouse
Le Tigre
Sugerhill Gang- best of...
tribute of Throbbing Gristle
Forcefield- lord of the rings modulator
13 Floor Elevators- easter everywhere
Promise Ring- nothing feels good
Human League- greatest hits
Silver Daggers-new high and ord
Liars- self titled; it fit when i was a kid and the other side of mt. heart attack eps
Gang Gang Dance- rawwr ep
Speedking-the fist and the laurels
Imperial Teen-what is not to love
Ace of Base- the sign
A Minor Forest-flemish altruism
Boredoms-seadrum/house of sun
Panicsville- sterile
Blonde Redhead- La mia vita violenta
Royal Trux- self titled
Beat Happening- black candy; self titled
Scissor Sisters
Soft Cell- best of...
Coughs- fright makes right
Psychic TV- were you ever bullied at school? do you want revenge?
Kraftwerk-minimum maximum
Dead Meadow- shivering king and others
Live Skull- Dusted
T REX- ultimate collection
Old Time Relijun- witchcraft rebellion
Microphones- the glow pt.2
Mogwai- come on die young
Hot Chip-the warning
Fucking AM- gold
Enon- hocus pocus
Animal Collective- grass single and video
Blood Brothers- Crimes
Make Up- in mass mind
Dead Can Dance- self titled
Pedestrian Deposit- volatile
Pavement- slanted and enchanted deluxe repackage
Lee Scratch Perry- revolution dub
Dark Psyche- black metal sampler
K-tel presents back to the 80s


two E's

OCS, Orinoka Crash Suite, The Oh Sees, Thee Ohsees: John Dweyer, of noise rock champions Coachwhips, has a new one on the way. Falling in love their 2006 The Cool Death of Island Raiders is a joy if you haven't done so yet. I missed their last release,Sucks Blood but the band's myspace has a couple tracks off of it which I am impressed with and will be purchasing as soon as the new The Masters Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In comes out. Listen to Ship if you're into Deerhoof. Then listen to Visit Colonel to get amped for the new album.

Buy them all,
we'll hang out.

and if you're still not convinced that they are wonderful, I took the time to hunt down a free cybervers of dabomb song The Gilded Cunt here on a tinyways podcast.

Just give it some time to load, then click the trash skip slider and drag it right until you see the wonderful numbers 38:13.

Go on, do it. You have the time.
and it'll be worth it.

But I do apologize, it's the best I could do, with us being too lame to have a server and me only having six minutes left on my library internet time.

I hope you like it,
let us know
let them know.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Longing for a headache

First of all the new Sightings album "Through the Panama" is awesome. They take their whole guitar, bass, and drums approach to whole new levels channeling bands like Harry Pussy and old Einsturzende Neubuaten and create the most psychedelic and aggressive music... oh, and if you don't know about Harry Pussy, you should check them out. They were from the '90s and made this thrashy, noisey, complex music that is as hard to explain as it is to listen to, and I mean that in a good way.
Speaking of thrash, I'm sure that everyone has heard Black Dice and is more likely than not a fan of their disorienting electronic sounds and samples, but if you haven't heard the first two or three Black Dice albums you need to! The self titled, "Cold Hands", and "Semen of the Sun" are so different from anything they're doing now. Its crazy experimental art thrash, or at least thats the closest I can come to a description of it. Its rumored that they used to play biker bars and throw pool balls at hells angels. If going to art school and getting into fights with bikers while playing the loudest, craziest music doesn't make you want to go out and buy those albums, I don't know what will.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cats in Paris, Abe Vigoda, Operator Please

These are cats. They're in paris. How happy does this band loook? Check them out at their website, ( Listen to their songs (2 of them) and be happy despite overwhelming amounts of writing and memorization that finals week has brought upon you. Cats In Paris, according to (DrownedInSound) "are not only the best emerging experimental band in Britain sans Fuck Buttons, they also look like a real proper rock band as well." Apparently they are good musicians AND good-looking. Similarly, comes out of the Smell in LA, "self-proclaimed tropical punks" Abe Vigoda. Yes, named after the 87 year-old actor who played Waponi Chief in 1990's Joe Versus the Volcano. Regardless, be sure to listen to these. On their myspace.

So goddamn cool.


I can't forget about Operator Please, whom all seem to be under the age of 20. Perhaps it's a record-label gimmick. Like they're trying to pull a Jackson 5. Doubtful, but there is indeed nothing immature-sounding about their music. Head on over to their feature on RCRD LBL. Then watch their Virgin Airlines Commercial. If you can't help but stomp your foot whilst listening for the first time, they've done their job well, and have therefore accomplished a lot more than I myself can say I've accomplished at age 20. All these bands will be featured in our first show, which should be scheduled for the following Sunday, December 9th at 7pm on KMSA. Even though I was never trained on the equipment, and still having to find about 120 more minutes worth of music to play without losing too much continuity or relevance before finals will be a little difficult. Oktanksbai now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Yeah, fake nostalgia can be a real pain in the ass. I can't help it though, its awesome. A few months ago I was really stoned listening to records with my friend Mason. He was showing me his usual assortment of new obscure noise records that rip your face off-Sissy Spacek, Contagious Orgasm, Prurient. I was looking through his stuff and a CD caught my eye. It was an album of "covers" by Can't. Can't is Jessica Rylan- a female noise artist from the east coast. What I had heard from her in the past was pretty good, but nothing too spectacular. This one seemed cool though. It had a school picture of a girl in the mid to late '80s on the cover, and the liner notes were a real love note. I got chills. It seemed so personal and voyeuristic.  The "covers" on the album were all songs like Pat Benatar's "We Belong" and Kajagoogoo's "Too Shy"- you know, stuff that this girl would actually being listening to in her room-and they were the actual songs, just distorted and warped like an old cassette. Needless to say I'm working on a time machine to teleport myself back to her room and love her.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crystal Castles LP Announced.

Mattelisseurs Crystal Castles have announced the release date for their LP, containing 16 total tracks, some of which are the singles some of us have enthusiastically scratched-our-bodies-in-fear-of-the-bugs to. The date set is February 19th, and I wish there was a way to pre-order, but I'm guessing you'll just have to wait for something like a link on their myspace or maybe off or something. They passed through not long ago, maybe in September with Metric. I remember because the only thing stopping me from going was golf practice (not mine) and a Friday night shift at Pablo's Pizza. Luckily the band plans on touring the U.S. again in the spring and will hopefully be stopping by Colorful Colorado! The track listing is as follows:

1. Untrust Us
2. Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)
3. Alice Practice
4. Magic Spells
5. Xxzxcuzx Me
6. Air War
7. Courtship Dating
8. Vanished
9. 1991
10. Good Time
11. Love and Caring
12. Knights
13. Through the Hosiery
14. Reckless
15. Black Panther
16. Tell Me What to Swallow

Spring dates are not yet decided or revealed. either one.

If you've never heard them...

Xxzxcuzx Me- Crystal Castles (pronounced Excuse Me)
Mother Knows Best- (from lovepump united)