Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crystal Castles LP Announced.

Mattelisseurs Crystal Castles have announced the release date for their LP, containing 16 total tracks, some of which are the singles some of us have enthusiastically scratched-our-bodies-in-fear-of-the-bugs to. The date set is February 19th, and I wish there was a way to pre-order, but I'm guessing you'll just have to wait for something like a link on their myspace or maybe off or something. They passed through not long ago, maybe in September with Metric. I remember because the only thing stopping me from going was golf practice (not mine) and a Friday night shift at Pablo's Pizza. Luckily the band plans on touring the U.S. again in the spring and will hopefully be stopping by Colorful Colorado! The track listing is as follows:

1. Untrust Us
2. Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)
3. Alice Practice
4. Magic Spells
5. Xxzxcuzx Me
6. Air War
7. Courtship Dating
8. Vanished
9. 1991
10. Good Time
11. Love and Caring
12. Knights
13. Through the Hosiery
14. Reckless
15. Black Panther
16. Tell Me What to Swallow

Spring dates are not yet decided or revealed. either one.

If you've never heard them...

Xxzxcuzx Me- Crystal Castles (pronounced Excuse Me)
Mother Knows Best- (from lovepump united)

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