Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I guess I have to post real news

blog nazis on my case, keep on fighting team, we'll overcome the "man" someday.

so for real news: do you know about Sea Monstre?

go check this out!
its got drawings by your favorite indie band guys like Sunset Rubdown or FF, also by other cool drawing guys.


Woah, look at this fucking guitar, its got cats on it or some shit, I dunno.
There are at least 500 cats man, thats a lot of cats!!!
It's also a guitar, that means it plays music or some shit!
probably made through photoshop or maybe just cut up pictures, jesus christ!
HOLY FUCK, is that some double pickup action? goddamn man.

Joke posts 4eva, who cares about real things? faggots, thats who.

this will be a rad band flyer for our gay fag band for homosexuals someday, when we have a name and a show to play, woah.

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