Thursday, November 15, 2007


Not of habit; no. I hate the term. But when it comes to daily routine, I am Patrick Bateman. All the way down to the cold slice of cheese at Pablo's every day at lunch; routine, routine.

Every Wednesday evening a group of the finest, most handsome, devilishly smart, young residents of Grand Junction, myself included, gather to enjoy waffles covered in their choice of a usually large selection of toppings. The waffles, with their lovely powdered sugar faces, act as something of a large planet; large enough to lasso all of the days haps and mishaps, madlibs and picturegames into a swirling, clear-blue atmosphere. This takes place anywhere between 7:00 and 11:00. This night is usually the highlight of my week and I am constantly awaiting Wednesday. But, there is one problem with Waffle Night, and that, my friends, is The Awesome Prom Radio Show.

Awesome Prom is co-deejayd by a close friend of mine, the smooth sailing Andy Von Douchebagwhowontanswerhisfuckingphonetotellmehowtospellhisgarbagelastname. It airs at idontfuckingknowexactlybecausegarbageshitfacewontanswerhisphone but like seven or some shit here. in colorado.

Cedric Bixler hosts the show as well.

fucking blog linx0rz for playlists and shit.
and its good.

but waffle house doesnt have an internet connection so i never get to listen to it blahblahblah

but anyways
you can listen to it
if i can get a fucking link from the promtimers or you can tune into some channel in washington and probably hear it
im assuming


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