Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little bit in love

with this song right now.


If you want more: use yo blogger toolz. If you want to purchase her debut album, click this one, but good luck trying to figure out what you're typing into those Swedish forms. And and and she's playing South by Southwest. It's just so damn catchy. I must have watched that Lykke Li video 6 times this morning. And and and she's touring with multi-linguist El Perro del Mar in April. Another Swedish artist who I'm only an instant fan having heard at most three of her songs. I kinda missed Perro's first album. But if you feel guilty for doing so and feel a need to redeem yourself, we've got a second chance with From the Valley to the Stars out in the Union of States on April 22nd. You can listen to the single released last Wednesday on 7" here. Just let it stream, as it will indeed and undoubtedly ferry you down a pleasant soulful rockabye with occasional trumpet-adorned flower patches and silky wisps of that beautiful voice I fell in love with with "Dog", which can be heard on her myspace. I thought of Glass Candy's "Rolling Down the Hills" whilst listening to "How Did we Forget", only slower, more minimal, and loungier, if I can rightfully say that.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Boris Yeltsin, I love you.

Despite your drunken bridge-stumblings and 2% end-of-term popularity rating, I mean, you were the first president of Russia, and without Russia, there'd be no Greg Estren. I miss him, dearly. Because of this, I think Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's name is warranted. Completely affirmed in fact of my own love for you. Admiration and interest in the least, but that's besides the point of this post. The point is, I'm a fan of the bands music, not really just their name. That makes me excited about Pershing, the soon-to-be-blasted-at-pablos-pizzeria new second full album. I've heard "Glue Girls", the first track off Pershing, and I hear a slightly faster, harder, if not subtly rockier sound. It has the same soft-tendered vocals and blippily-tweedy guitar, but closer to combining the poppier Spinto Band sound with something like Voxtrot. Raw. -er. I like it. Listen to it here. Or other stuff here. Be their friend. His friend too.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pretty little new Silver Mt Zion album!

THEE SILVER MT ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA & TRA-LA-LA BAND (official site) have a new one coming out next month, the 25th of March, and from reading the beautiful description Constellation Records gave out in concurrence with this release, as they always give out with items in their catalog, I couldn't give a proper statement or description about it were I to listen to it multiple times gathering every little detail about the 4 works (can't use songs) on the new album. That's something I plan to do anyway, maybe I'll write about it. whatever. It's going to be called 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons and it seems as though the first 12 tracks will be 4 to 5 second long "untitled" silent tracks. The music starts with number 13. I'm not sure what's behind this, but I guess you should probably just accept it. Read about it all here. I wish that astronaut was the album art, but it's not. the real album art can be seen with this link. !!!. I'm looking forward to new recorded material by anything Constellation puts out, as getting to one of these shows mostly goes under my nose. Either way, preorder this mother here.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Graveface records might be one of my new favorite labels. With a band roster including guys like Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Octopus Project, and The Appleseed Cast, there's no reason not to be ordering as much possible music from them as you can financially sustain. BMSR's Dandelion Gum double LP comes out in March (it's pink!) along with a 7" sometime in the spring. Along with that, expect a new album from Black Moth collaborator Ken Fec, who goes by Power Pill Fist, it's supposed to come out February 23rd though if you preorder through the site, you'll get it in the amount of time it takes to ship with its included beard stickers, and most likely some collectible Pac-Man stickers and a holographic Pittsburgh Steelers sticker. Also included will be a dvd with bright-colored polynomials pulsating to the incoherently harsh but similarly-BMSR electrosynth noise beats. Just play them both at the same time (a lot like Wizard People, Dear Reader), haha. It arrived in my mailbox today, and instantly got to my good side. If you're a fan of Black Moth, you're a fan of Ken Fec, and you'll most likely enjoy Kongmanivong, though I will warn you it's a bit harsher than anything you've heard from Fec, and as it is a completely separate entity from Black Moth, its strange, bass-driven, nuclear hazard alarm soundscapes will either draw you closer to this artist or let you know to stick to strictly BMSR releases. I loved it. I'd say at least give it a solid listen-to.

Also making me very happy with Graveface is the planned release of the long-awaited new Kid Dakota, who has told of the foreboding story of westward expansion through atomic bomb testing and Moscow-bound pilgrims named Ivan in 2004's The West is the Future. The new album will apparently be called A Winner's Shadow and is due out March 25th. Very fucking excited. Pick up either So Pretty or The West is the Future here.