Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crystal Castles LP Announced.

Mattelisseurs Crystal Castles have announced the release date for their LP, containing 16 total tracks, some of which are the singles some of us have enthusiastically scratched-our-bodies-in-fear-of-the-bugs to. The date set is February 19th, and I wish there was a way to pre-order, but I'm guessing you'll just have to wait for something like a link on their myspace or maybe off or something. They passed through not long ago, maybe in September with Metric. I remember because the only thing stopping me from going was golf practice (not mine) and a Friday night shift at Pablo's Pizza. Luckily the band plans on touring the U.S. again in the spring and will hopefully be stopping by Colorful Colorado! The track listing is as follows:

1. Untrust Us
2. Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)
3. Alice Practice
4. Magic Spells
5. Xxzxcuzx Me
6. Air War
7. Courtship Dating
8. Vanished
9. 1991
10. Good Time
11. Love and Caring
12. Knights
13. Through the Hosiery
14. Reckless
15. Black Panther
16. Tell Me What to Swallow

Spring dates are not yet decided or revealed. either one.

If you've never heard them...

Xxzxcuzx Me- Crystal Castles (pronounced Excuse Me)
Mother Knows Best- (from lovepump united)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Diceforshards on the Radio!

Beginning December 9th DiceForShards will officially be on the air with the shardsters you've come to love, no thanks to this guy:
who purportedly invented the "audion tube". What a loser. I hate him. But don't miss our first show on Sunday, December 9th at 7 probably on KMSA. If you live in junktown, simply tune to 91.3, otherwise here is the link when you want to hear our show over the interwaves, which you'll be using all the time because it's great music always right? oktanksbai!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Does it Offend You, Yeah?

Been a long weekend. Glad to say it's over, along with all the people and things with which it came. Excited for Christmas now, and all of those things that come with solstice-time, one of which is a new release by Does it Offend You, Yeah?. I've been reading a lot of negative comments regarding their name, and personally, i find no trouble saying it, and i'm a terrible enunciator. Not to mention much more difficult names like Black Moth Super Rainbow, Orchestral Manouvre in Darkness or Les Savy Fav. How the hell do you say Fav, fave? Fahv? OK, I just found out it's fahv, but my point was I had to look it up. The record "should be done by the start of December," says the british duo, which was singed to Almost Gold Recordings who also released Peter, Bjorn and John's Writer's Block back in January.

yes, that is a shirt, and yes, i did buy it.

i'll be making sure to catch this album after listening to Battle Royale: their first song on myspace and a reference to the most epic Asian movie since Mothra vs. Godzilla. You can listen to a mix they made for XFM in London by clicking on the extremely happy man below.

or by clicking on this audiolink!!!
i love you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


are also...

VIDEO WEDNESDAYS! (old and new, it doesn't matter, it's video wednesday motherfuckers!)

Bicycles, oh yes.

I like this cover very much. Futureheads. I didn't realize how unnatractive they were until just now.

I find this very cool. Iron and Wine. "Sam Beam directed this video himself." good work mate.

BMSR. This video is mesmerizing, don't you think?

More Iron and Wine, fuck yeah.

show up for waffles, you know that its alright.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Watch and Drrerrrn

Brooklyn socially registered psychedroners Blood on the Wall have a new one coming out end of January. Meanwhile, watch these

similar psychedelic pleasures for your eyes can be found on labelmate's Gang Gang Dance's Retina Riddim which came out earlier this year. I remember reading the Pitchfork review and being totally uninterested. Pitchfork seems to always do a good job at making great things seem mediocre, and Radiohead the only ultimate wonderful ever. Anyways, don't fucking bother with the pitchfork review,(while still giving it a good rating, the review is mainly about gorillas) and just watch this. downnnnnn

"DeGraw began the process by compiling a soundtrack from the bands audio archives, going as far back as 2003 and using live recordings, practice tapes, field recordings and elements of previously released recordings; all of which was assembled together into one seamless half-hour piece of music." taken from The Social Registry's album description

You get the point.

Anyways, I'm all out of money. So you should buy it here, and then hangout and watch it with me.

And yes. I did have a Social Registry conversation with a friend tonight.
And yes. This did immediately follow.
have a good evening.

Sappy: Perfect

Have you ever heard the Sackville, New Brunswick band, Shotgun and Jaybird? Well, they broke up in May of this year. Pretty sad. They were the most epitomical, sappy, shifty-feeling, ultra lo-fi, ukulele folk band I'd ever heard. The kind of music you could go to feeling gloomy and finish feeling a little better; less dreary for having dealt with a heartache in about 40 minutes. Even more tragic is the removal of their home on the internet and the consequent inability to download their entire first three albums (the case presented to me while checking up on that today). At least you can still listen to their music on what I've found to be one of my biggest resources when a hard drive chock-full of music is corrupted and unable to playback those sweet and dearly missed tones.

yes. it's myspace. fucking what?

Good news if you were ever into S and J, one half the original duo (Shotgun Jimmie), released a solo album last month titled The Onlys. It is availible for purchase through his website, that is still up and running. Here is the video for track 1 off the album.

it's not good, but if you guys didn't know already, I'm all for things so bad that they're good.

Another Shotgun and Jaybird band member, Julie Doiron, is extremely good at playing music. Just get ahold of D├ęsormais, which is arguably her best work, and it might just be your favorite album in the french language for a while. Below you can find some tracks and videos up for Dee-ehl from the artists' websites. Thanks.

Ce Charmant Coeur
- Julie Doiron (Desormais- 2001; Jagjaguwar Records)
Faites De Beaux Reves- Julie Doiron (Desormais- 2001; Jagjaguwar Records)
No More- Julie Doiron (I Woke Myself Up- 2004: Jagjaguwar Records)
Me and My Friend (video)- Julie Doiron (I Woke Myself Up- 2004; Jagjaguwar Records)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

heT eatDh etS, a cat friend, and a quick lookingforwardto

Baltimore:The Death Set are wonderful and amazing and two guys with hearts full of sample blasting louds and drum machined fasts.
And they pump it alll out, allll over Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods. First 1,000 sold come with a flag.dowwwwnnnnn

Buy it. I did.

If you need proof that that are rad and good and all you will be listening to shortly then go here and listen, and then here for the remixes, and last here and go to the remix tab and scroll down and listen to the acapellas because you love it so much you don't even need the fasts and the louds behind it; Negative Thinking is just fucking stuck. in. your. head.

And you can even watch this because it has a werewolf and a perfectly timed popcorn walker.

Johnny Siera of thedeathset then continues on with delivering the greatness with his Retarded Kitten recordings. Alone in a warehouse playing for a special cat friend, then force fed muscle milk by some
production friends. 300 copy 7" out now on Run Roc and on iTunes.

And rockstarkilling blast noise-pop shredder Marnie Stern Is working on an album, hopefully out "around May or June of '08!"


Punk rock is comprised of two, and only two ingredients: not wanting, and not caring. Supreme anti-poppers Best Fwends does both; again.

According to everything-player, Anthony, Best Fwends broke into Matt & Kim/Parts and Labor's practice space with Cambridge, Massachusetts based casio shredders Gerty Farish and recorded some tunes with their instruments.(seen below)

Those tunes are being released by John D. of Gerty Farish on cassette and are according to Gerty Farish's myspace "out now!!!"

I'm assuming that because these are in fact self-released, and I can't find them on any online label catalog, that you have to just hit them up in a myspace message to get a hold of one.

But if you are not much of a linkclicker, and haven't realized that the song Here Comes Hairy Claws off of the BestFwends/GertyFarish Hospital Party Collab Tape is up for blissful listen at the Gerty Farish myspace, then here is a last and final link.

Friday, November 16, 2007


That's what the three shows MBV has planned for the summer of 2008 are as of 2:40am on the day they went on sale. Guess our shores hit the 16th of November (date of ticket sales) a couple hours after europe did, but still, that's intense. And with the selling out of the London, Glasgow, and Manchester shows on 6-20-08, 6-28-08, and 7-2-08, respectively, the far-too-longly dormant My Bloody Valentine has successfully accomplished the feat of giving me a case of the lacelust. read all about this shit here, (mbv's reactivated official webspace) here (pitchfork), and here (ATP). Haha, and to think Luke never believed me when i told him there was a new My Bloody Valentine on the way. Bitch.


So the band has decided to add 4 more dates to their comeback tour. I think three sold out shows on the day they went on sale was possibly enough persuasion for four more shows. Alls I need to know now is what form of persuasion they need to hold a U.S. tour.

the new dates are:

06-21 London, England - The Roundhouse
06-22 London, England - The Roundhouse
06-29 Manchester, England - Apollo
07-03 Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowland

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Not of habit; no. I hate the term. But when it comes to daily routine, I am Patrick Bateman. All the way down to the cold slice of cheese at Pablo's every day at lunch; routine, routine.

Every Wednesday evening a group of the finest, most handsome, devilishly smart, young residents of Grand Junction, myself included, gather to enjoy waffles covered in their choice of a usually large selection of toppings. The waffles, with their lovely powdered sugar faces, act as something of a large planet; large enough to lasso all of the days haps and mishaps, madlibs and picturegames into a swirling, clear-blue atmosphere. This takes place anywhere between 7:00 and 11:00. This night is usually the highlight of my week and I am constantly awaiting Wednesday. But, there is one problem with Waffle Night, and that, my friends, is The Awesome Prom Radio Show.

Awesome Prom is co-deejayd by a close friend of mine, the smooth sailing Andy Von Douchebagwhowontanswerhisfuckingphonetotellmehowtospellhisgarbagelastname. It airs at idontfuckingknowexactlybecausegarbageshitfacewontanswerhisphone but like seven or some shit here. in colorado.

Cedric Bixler hosts the show as well.

fucking blog linx0rz for playlists and shit.
and its good.

but waffle house doesnt have an internet connection so i never get to listen to it blahblahblah

but anyways
you can listen to it
if i can get a fucking link from the promtimers or you can tune into some channel in washington and probably hear it
im assuming


Something That Would be Painful to People's Ears

Fuck Buttons, coming forth from the UK with what they're calling "Bright Tomorrow", a 7" Picture Disc, do their jobs very well. "Sweet Love for Planet Earth", which is sadly all I've heard from the duo, starts with a euphonious two-chord arpeggio-sounding progression that willingly subjugates to a slow oncoming distortion that starts up at around 1:10 into the song. This carries beautifully for about 4 minutes while the listener can only hope to wake from this foreboding, otiose encroachment of mental insularity. It is only intensified with undecipherable, distorted half-screaming/croaking at around 5:30; a truly perfect example of how things can be so bad they're good. It gradually dies off like the slow wrinkling decay of a carnation, as if visualized through stop-motion. If you're in Britain, you can purchase the 7" here on the band's myspace under their 'sounds like' section. Recently, the filmmaker-songwriters were signed to ATP/Recordings and are working an an LP, Street Horrrsing, due out in February of next year. you can read some media coverage they've gotten by clicking here and here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I guess I have to post real news

blog nazis on my case, keep on fighting team, we'll overcome the "man" someday.

so for real news: do you know about Sea Monstre?

go check this out!
its got drawings by your favorite indie band guys like Sunset Rubdown or FF, also by other cool drawing guys.


Woah, look at this fucking guitar, its got cats on it or some shit, I dunno.
There are at least 500 cats man, thats a lot of cats!!!
It's also a guitar, that means it plays music or some shit!
probably made through photoshop or maybe just cut up pictures, jesus christ!
HOLY FUCK, is that some double pickup action? goddamn man.

Joke posts 4eva, who cares about real things? faggots, thats who.

this will be a rad band flyer for our gay fag band for homosexuals someday, when we have a name and a show to play, woah.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Revolution Tomorrow!

Winter, if good for only one thing, is good for forcing people together indoors. The existentialist smoker heads inside, despite certain inquisition from the landlord, after growing weary of reddened ears and no longer being able to tell where the smoke ends and his/her breath begins. And when leaving an apartment to go to any external event becomes less and less appealing, youngsters will rely on self supplied alcohol and mp3 dj'd couch dancing. The cold keeps you in. Party Jail.

Seattlers coconut coolouts are playing nowhere near you anytime soon, unless you will be spending your Christmas at the Grand Canyon or in fact are a Seattler yourself. But you can watch their rough video for beautifullife-maker Party Jail here.

Baccardi commercialers and stop motion sockchangers Best Fwends are a definite favorite of the shardhouse and are, what I'm convinced, the sole reason for Erie leaving his room. Them and maybe Coachwhips.

"cheaper recordings mean more money for drugs."

Siltbreeze stars and new Matador font signees Times New Viking have two new tracks off their upcoming Matador release Rip It Off up for listen here

Buy their albums. Stay inside.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

REinstate White Cloud?

Steyr-Daimler-Puch was a company that made all sorts of industrial things (including road bikes) starting in 1934 when Austro-Daimler merged with Steyr. The Austro-Hungarian company produced bikes up until 1987 when it was sold off to Piaggio of Italy. This bike came into my ownership not months back, and was sadly laying around for a couple of months until I decided to convert it to a fixed gear. The Clubman is the model, and it is a lower model of their line of bikes i read somewhere. It's ORANGE. I might paint it blue sometime. The total conversion was a little over 300 dollars, but it was well worth almost not being able to pay the rest of first semester's tuition. New components bought: whole back wheel (flip-flop), new crank + pedals and toe clips, handlebar cloth tape, and two new ULTRA Conti tires. This is the new bike that has been taking me everywhere lately. It's pretty alright, i mean, i can trackstall, AND bike to work really fast. The only thing i disliked was the unintenional halloween color scheme, which is lameee, but whatevs. Leave piles are great things. I am also personally in favor of bringing back the White Cloud Bicycle Collective (a short-lived bicycle gang started by aaron shardmaster and andyvon in the fall of 2006). Hopefully my new fixie and andy's thanksgivingful return prompt a comeback ride relatively soon. Priority: purchase new pro road bike. The RMCCC road season is starting in about three months. That red Jamis isn't going to cut it. I'll be in charge of the local Crits we're putting on. Looking for volunteers to sit by cones and tell people/cars not to use the street. I'll hopefully be racing the longer distances for out-of-town meets as well. That is yet to be decided. Come back again soon, oktanksbai!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Worried Noodles

This is way cool man, acid tabs and coke off your best friend's sideburns man. Oh, yeah, this is an art project by that guy who did the cover art for Deerhoof's Friend Oppertunity, I guess he wrote a bunch of lyrics and then TOMLAB decided to recruit their crew to make a double CD album out of it. Lots of cool cats on this project:

yeah, thats right, deerhoof, you are buying this album just for them, right? all that grizzly bear and yacht and shit is a bonus on top of a new deerhoof track, so yeah, drop that cash son, its good money spent.

Friday, November 2, 2007


3 more days until the new Grizzly Bear EP titled "Friend" comes out. Apparently, it's a bunch of remixed and collaborated songs such as "Knife", covered by CSS which i'm listening to right now, and alls i can say is that it's almost as good as girl talk's remix. actually, maybe better. You'd have to be the judge. "Knife" is also being covered by Deerhunter' singer Bradford Cox's solo project, Atlas Sound, which comes off a little overwrought. Maybe i just like the original a lot, but Atlas Sound's version is still good. Other collaborated and remixed songs are "Plans" by Band of Horses, which is a great song for the sounds of banjo and piano, and a choral version of "Alligator" from Horn of Plenty featuring Beirut and the Dirty Projectors. The alternate version of "Shift" is practically the same song as if Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead were playing guitar. "Plans" by something called Terrible vs. Nonhorse: Sounds is just fucking crazy, i don't even get it. There are also two newly recorded songs (three if you count the alternate "Shift"), one of which is a home recording of Daniel Rossen's, "Deep Blue Sea" (it's better than the movie if it were song, of course). "Granny Diner" is folk as fuck, atmospherically speaking. And "He Hit Me" is a more recognizable grizzly-bear-sounding song by The Crystals from 1962 that i guess the Grizz had been singing on tour. It was also recorded in a daytrotter session back in April.

here is what says:

"Grizzly Bear is very pleased to announce the release of the Friend EP, a collection of new songs, covers, and alternate interpretations of songs, released on November 5/6 worldwide on Warp Records. The EP features covers of Grizzly Bear songs by CSS, Band of Horses and Atlas Sound (Bradford Cox of Deerhunter), not to mention collaborations with Zach Condon (of Beirut) and the Dirty Projectors.... Get excited, friend!"

Listen to the tracks on their myspace, but quick, because those always get taken down around the time of actual release. You can purchase the album for 8.99 from Insound, and i suggest you do, because not only is that priced extremely reasonable, but it also comes with a silk-screened Grizzly Bear Friend poster. it's worth having if you were, say... a fan of the Grizz???