Monday, November 19, 2007

Sappy: Perfect

Have you ever heard the Sackville, New Brunswick band, Shotgun and Jaybird? Well, they broke up in May of this year. Pretty sad. They were the most epitomical, sappy, shifty-feeling, ultra lo-fi, ukulele folk band I'd ever heard. The kind of music you could go to feeling gloomy and finish feeling a little better; less dreary for having dealt with a heartache in about 40 minutes. Even more tragic is the removal of their home on the internet and the consequent inability to download their entire first three albums (the case presented to me while checking up on that today). At least you can still listen to their music on what I've found to be one of my biggest resources when a hard drive chock-full of music is corrupted and unable to playback those sweet and dearly missed tones.

yes. it's myspace. fucking what?

Good news if you were ever into S and J, one half the original duo (Shotgun Jimmie), released a solo album last month titled The Onlys. It is availible for purchase through his website, that is still up and running. Here is the video for track 1 off the album.

it's not good, but if you guys didn't know already, I'm all for things so bad that they're good.

Another Shotgun and Jaybird band member, Julie Doiron, is extremely good at playing music. Just get ahold of D├ęsormais, which is arguably her best work, and it might just be your favorite album in the french language for a while. Below you can find some tracks and videos up for Dee-ehl from the artists' websites. Thanks.

Ce Charmant Coeur
- Julie Doiron (Desormais- 2001; Jagjaguwar Records)
Faites De Beaux Reves- Julie Doiron (Desormais- 2001; Jagjaguwar Records)
No More- Julie Doiron (I Woke Myself Up- 2004: Jagjaguwar Records)
Me and My Friend (video)- Julie Doiron (I Woke Myself Up- 2004; Jagjaguwar Records)

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