Friday, November 2, 2007


3 more days until the new Grizzly Bear EP titled "Friend" comes out. Apparently, it's a bunch of remixed and collaborated songs such as "Knife", covered by CSS which i'm listening to right now, and alls i can say is that it's almost as good as girl talk's remix. actually, maybe better. You'd have to be the judge. "Knife" is also being covered by Deerhunter' singer Bradford Cox's solo project, Atlas Sound, which comes off a little overwrought. Maybe i just like the original a lot, but Atlas Sound's version is still good. Other collaborated and remixed songs are "Plans" by Band of Horses, which is a great song for the sounds of banjo and piano, and a choral version of "Alligator" from Horn of Plenty featuring Beirut and the Dirty Projectors. The alternate version of "Shift" is practically the same song as if Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead were playing guitar. "Plans" by something called Terrible vs. Nonhorse: Sounds is just fucking crazy, i don't even get it. There are also two newly recorded songs (three if you count the alternate "Shift"), one of which is a home recording of Daniel Rossen's, "Deep Blue Sea" (it's better than the movie if it were song, of course). "Granny Diner" is folk as fuck, atmospherically speaking. And "He Hit Me" is a more recognizable grizzly-bear-sounding song by The Crystals from 1962 that i guess the Grizz had been singing on tour. It was also recorded in a daytrotter session back in April.

here is what says:

"Grizzly Bear is very pleased to announce the release of the Friend EP, a collection of new songs, covers, and alternate interpretations of songs, released on November 5/6 worldwide on Warp Records. The EP features covers of Grizzly Bear songs by CSS, Band of Horses and Atlas Sound (Bradford Cox of Deerhunter), not to mention collaborations with Zach Condon (of Beirut) and the Dirty Projectors.... Get excited, friend!"

Listen to the tracks on their myspace, but quick, because those always get taken down around the time of actual release. You can purchase the album for 8.99 from Insound, and i suggest you do, because not only is that priced extremely reasonable, but it also comes with a silk-screened Grizzly Bear Friend poster. it's worth having if you were, say... a fan of the Grizz???

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