Sunday, November 18, 2007

heT eatDh etS, a cat friend, and a quick lookingforwardto

Baltimore:The Death Set are wonderful and amazing and two guys with hearts full of sample blasting louds and drum machined fasts.
And they pump it alll out, allll over Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods. First 1,000 sold come with a flag.dowwwwnnnnn

Buy it. I did.

If you need proof that that are rad and good and all you will be listening to shortly then go here and listen, and then here for the remixes, and last here and go to the remix tab and scroll down and listen to the acapellas because you love it so much you don't even need the fasts and the louds behind it; Negative Thinking is just fucking stuck. in. your. head.

And you can even watch this because it has a werewolf and a perfectly timed popcorn walker.

Johnny Siera of thedeathset then continues on with delivering the greatness with his Retarded Kitten recordings. Alone in a warehouse playing for a special cat friend, then force fed muscle milk by some
production friends. 300 copy 7" out now on Run Roc and on iTunes.

And rockstarkilling blast noise-pop shredder Marnie Stern Is working on an album, hopefully out "around May or June of '08!"

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