Monday, November 12, 2007

Revolution Tomorrow!

Winter, if good for only one thing, is good for forcing people together indoors. The existentialist smoker heads inside, despite certain inquisition from the landlord, after growing weary of reddened ears and no longer being able to tell where the smoke ends and his/her breath begins. And when leaving an apartment to go to any external event becomes less and less appealing, youngsters will rely on self supplied alcohol and mp3 dj'd couch dancing. The cold keeps you in. Party Jail.

Seattlers coconut coolouts are playing nowhere near you anytime soon, unless you will be spending your Christmas at the Grand Canyon or in fact are a Seattler yourself. But you can watch their rough video for beautifullife-maker Party Jail here.

Baccardi commercialers and stop motion sockchangers Best Fwends are a definite favorite of the shardhouse and are, what I'm convinced, the sole reason for Erie leaving his room. Them and maybe Coachwhips.

"cheaper recordings mean more money for drugs."

Siltbreeze stars and new Matador font signees Times New Viking have two new tracks off their upcoming Matador release Rip It Off up for listen here

Buy their albums. Stay inside.

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