Sunday, November 18, 2007


Punk rock is comprised of two, and only two ingredients: not wanting, and not caring. Supreme anti-poppers Best Fwends does both; again.

According to everything-player, Anthony, Best Fwends broke into Matt & Kim/Parts and Labor's practice space with Cambridge, Massachusetts based casio shredders Gerty Farish and recorded some tunes with their instruments.(seen below)

Those tunes are being released by John D. of Gerty Farish on cassette and are according to Gerty Farish's myspace "out now!!!"

I'm assuming that because these are in fact self-released, and I can't find them on any online label catalog, that you have to just hit them up in a myspace message to get a hold of one.

But if you are not much of a linkclicker, and haven't realized that the song Here Comes Hairy Claws off of the BestFwends/GertyFarish Hospital Party Collab Tape is up for blissful listen at the Gerty Farish myspace, then here is a last and final link.

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