Sunday, November 11, 2007

REinstate White Cloud?

Steyr-Daimler-Puch was a company that made all sorts of industrial things (including road bikes) starting in 1934 when Austro-Daimler merged with Steyr. The Austro-Hungarian company produced bikes up until 1987 when it was sold off to Piaggio of Italy. This bike came into my ownership not months back, and was sadly laying around for a couple of months until I decided to convert it to a fixed gear. The Clubman is the model, and it is a lower model of their line of bikes i read somewhere. It's ORANGE. I might paint it blue sometime. The total conversion was a little over 300 dollars, but it was well worth almost not being able to pay the rest of first semester's tuition. New components bought: whole back wheel (flip-flop), new crank + pedals and toe clips, handlebar cloth tape, and two new ULTRA Conti tires. This is the new bike that has been taking me everywhere lately. It's pretty alright, i mean, i can trackstall, AND bike to work really fast. The only thing i disliked was the unintenional halloween color scheme, which is lameee, but whatevs. Leave piles are great things. I am also personally in favor of bringing back the White Cloud Bicycle Collective (a short-lived bicycle gang started by aaron shardmaster and andyvon in the fall of 2006). Hopefully my new fixie and andy's thanksgivingful return prompt a comeback ride relatively soon. Priority: purchase new pro road bike. The RMCCC road season is starting in about three months. That red Jamis isn't going to cut it. I'll be in charge of the local Crits we're putting on. Looking for volunteers to sit by cones and tell people/cars not to use the street. I'll hopefully be racing the longer distances for out-of-town meets as well. That is yet to be decided. Come back again soon, oktanksbai!

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