Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little bit in love

with this song right now.


If you want more: use yo blogger toolz. If you want to purchase her debut album, click this one, but good luck trying to figure out what you're typing into those Swedish forms. And and and she's playing South by Southwest. It's just so damn catchy. I must have watched that Lykke Li video 6 times this morning. And and and she's touring with multi-linguist El Perro del Mar in April. Another Swedish artist who I'm only an instant fan having heard at most three of her songs. I kinda missed Perro's first album. But if you feel guilty for doing so and feel a need to redeem yourself, we've got a second chance with From the Valley to the Stars out in the Union of States on April 22nd. You can listen to the single released last Wednesday on 7" here. Just let it stream, as it will indeed and undoubtedly ferry you down a pleasant soulful rockabye with occasional trumpet-adorned flower patches and silky wisps of that beautiful voice I fell in love with with "Dog", which can be heard on her myspace. I thought of Glass Candy's "Rolling Down the Hills" whilst listening to "How Did we Forget", only slower, more minimal, and loungier, if I can rightfully say that.

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