Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Longing for a headache

First of all the new Sightings album "Through the Panama" is awesome. They take their whole guitar, bass, and drums approach to whole new levels channeling bands like Harry Pussy and old Einsturzende Neubuaten and create the most psychedelic and aggressive music... oh, and if you don't know about Harry Pussy, you should check them out. They were from the '90s and made this thrashy, noisey, complex music that is as hard to explain as it is to listen to, and I mean that in a good way.
Speaking of thrash, I'm sure that everyone has heard Black Dice and is more likely than not a fan of their disorienting electronic sounds and samples, but if you haven't heard the first two or three Black Dice albums you need to! The self titled, "Cold Hands", and "Semen of the Sun" are so different from anything they're doing now. Its crazy experimental art thrash, or at least thats the closest I can come to a description of it. Its rumored that they used to play biker bars and throw pool balls at hells angels. If going to art school and getting into fights with bikers while playing the loudest, craziest music doesn't make you want to go out and buy those albums, I don't know what will.


Anonymous said...

some links to those bands
music might be helpful.

Anonymous said...

"Einsturzende Neubuaten"????

Sounds like Girlfriend Music.