Monday, December 31, 2007

oh, 2007?

some albums that i listened to this year
that came out this year
and i enjoyed this year:

Times New Viking presented The Paisley Reich and I welcomed it with hugs and hifives.

It's lo-fi guitar scrambles and floortom loudpounds were enough to pull any rock and roll obscurist of the future back from their Deerhunter Cryptograms induced moonage daydream; if only for a week or two.

While confined to the solid ground of the earth realm, far from psychedrone rumbles of those which are registered socially and any recordings from any room of rare books one can take comfort, if in nothing else, clean, dry, words.

Brendan Fowler just wanted to hold someone just wanted to hold someone just wanted to hold someone. He let us know on the song, that happened to be the single, off of BARR's Summary. I've not been known for my love of spoken word. People feel they have to push it so hard, make it interesting. BARR doesn't have to pretend anything he's saying has any deep, poetic meaning. It either just does, or just doesn't. It's not dressed up. No messy theatrics; it's just BARR. And it's good.

And so you hear words. And they are spoke. But why say whole words? why not just syllables? sounds? Get something across with few choochoochoochoo's? a beepbeep?
Why not be the best fucking band evvvverrr?

Because noisepoppers Deerhoof already claimed that title. for the 8th fucking time this year.

i dont even need to talk about it.

i would just get so excited, i would start screeching
like a
like a fucking pterodactyl

like a

Pterodactyl's self titled/unofficially titled Blue Jay was an excitement this year. Loud, fast, Lighnting Bolt-esque drumming kept warm with with a thin layer of tremeloed distorters and high squawk melodies, but not too warm, not warm enough to fall asleep, which it briefly considers when surrounded by such beautiful ahhh harmonies.


fuck and yes.

With all the buzz, it was a hard one to miss this year.
Not to mention the fact that you could download the entire EP off of the bands myspace. And I feel it was warranted. The buzz, that is. I thoroughly enjoyed all four tracks off of Black Kids' Wizard of Ahhhs and a discussion with dear friend Erie about it actually led to the creation of this blog.

and now i will go

Marnie Stern's In Advance of the Broken Arm really was in advance of a broken arm. Whether it was hers from just flat out shredding too hard, mine from couchdancing too hard, or both mine and yours from hi fiving me so fucking hard after i showed you this. Solid.

No Age Weirdo Rippers was my favorite album of the year

and the death of rock and roll.

Have a good new year.

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