Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Me Versus We Versus the Shark

I've got a beef. A beef against We Versus the Shark. With whom I fell in love with in 2005 with Ruin Everything, a sporadically spastic, adrenaloid-infused and injected straight into your brain occasionally poppy enough for Lance Bass to enjoy. Well, they're doing a cover album for 2008 titled Murmurmur, which is actually rather awesome. But there's one problem with it that I'll get to later. This is what they'll be doing:
"Starting today, January 1st, and finishing up on December 1st 2008, each month we'll be posting a new MP3 to Quote Unquote Records of other people's jams. Some of the songs are by artists who have gained accolades in some circles but remain obscure in others; a few will be Athens bands we're excited to big-up. We here at We Versus the Shark believe that "interpreting" (whatever) other artists is a good way to learn about structure, melody, and other things we're generally confused by. Enjoy "Murmurmur."

Basically they're releasing a 12-song LP of covers by bands you may or may not have ever heard. The first of which is Pattern is Movement's "Right Away". This is great news. I suddenly got really excited about it. First great thing to look forward to this year, happening the minute I wake up from a treacherous night of debauchery, vomiting high-schoolers, and hooking up in your best friend's bedroom. Now to the beef: it's going to take the whole year to receive this album. While I can't complain about an entirely free full-length of covers, I don't really feel like waiting around every month for it to come. I loved the Ep of Bees EP though, Murmurmur will be good I'm guessing.

Listen to the first track released earlier today below.

Right Away- Pattern is Movement (We Versus the Shark cover)

expect a new full-length album this spring.

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Marilyn said...

Keep up the good work. Have a great 2008! Cheers :-)