Monday, January 21, 2008

Sail On

Like the soft, almost lullabied rocking of a small sailing vessel, similarly sway you The Boats from Philadelphia, setting you to sleep not with their tender-hearted stories of unexpected reunions or of cutesy encounters with beautiful girls, but with their soft mesh of folk, southern/surf and strumrock that imitates the fabric of a homemade blanket found in a baby's crib. That woefully-skilled aesthetic that sets them in a category not easily identified, being almost the kind of music you'd expect people from all sorts of backgrounds to connect with. It's not a selfish, gimmicky, or contrived sound at all, it's sincere, and unapologetic for its pure rawness and amazingly well placed yelps and screams.
The Boats have been around for a while, and after a break that deprived many from anything new from these guys, the wonderment left after listening to their debut album was all you could envelope. It became a favorite over time, and the lack of track listings and presence of any activity only added to the mystique of The Boats, of which I knew almost nothing. Only hoping for a new Boats record kept me from not checking up on them every couple of months. I checked up on them about two weeks ago and read a nice little blog on their myspace telling of new Boats recordings. I'll let you read it yourself.
I don't know what their situation is, or why the hell they haven't been signed (causing the start of their own record label Future Furniture), but I know for certain there are plenty of waiting fans like me, just getting antsy to buy this new album. It was expected to come out this winter back in August, but regardless of the date, hype, or lack thereof, I have the full intention of getting this. Go listen, buy some of their songs off snocap (which ends up being the only place you can get any of the new recordings), and just enjoy. It's good music.

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