Sunday, December 30, 2007

i love the shower girl

Black Dice are champions. This is taken as common knowledge and isn't stated nearly enough.

Start. This year's Load Blown made the "list" of my top albums of 2007 which I should be posting soon enough.

The album cover for Broken Ear Record is my favorite.

You can play with it in all of it's digital wonderfulness here.

former dicer Sebastian Blanck has some solo songs off his EP up for listen here some neat intimate paintings, rubbings and art stuff here and a cute baby here.

His music is far from his former psyche/noise terriblings of Black Dice, with an almost Jose Gonzalez feel. Vocals are very fittingly meek and whispered, and the songs in their entirety come off as very humble. It's a nice theme that he follows in both his music and paintings; it's all very sincere. He is not a bad songwriter either. I thought Neil Young when I heard the "without you" in the chorus of I Blame Baltimore and could see his golden heart singing it himself. Give it a listen. If nothing else, it's something to fall asleep to tonight.

Have a good new year's eve and I'll hopefully be posting some albums I liked this past year before it's too far over.

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