Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cats in Paris, Abe Vigoda, Operator Please

These are cats. They're in paris. How happy does this band loook? Check them out at their website, ( Listen to their songs (2 of them) and be happy despite overwhelming amounts of writing and memorization that finals week has brought upon you. Cats In Paris, according to (DrownedInSound) "are not only the best emerging experimental band in Britain sans Fuck Buttons, they also look like a real proper rock band as well." Apparently they are good musicians AND good-looking. Similarly, comes out of the Smell in LA, "self-proclaimed tropical punks" Abe Vigoda. Yes, named after the 87 year-old actor who played Waponi Chief in 1990's Joe Versus the Volcano. Regardless, be sure to listen to these. On their myspace.

So goddamn cool.


I can't forget about Operator Please, whom all seem to be under the age of 20. Perhaps it's a record-label gimmick. Like they're trying to pull a Jackson 5. Doubtful, but there is indeed nothing immature-sounding about their music. Head on over to their feature on RCRD LBL. Then watch their Virgin Airlines Commercial. If you can't help but stomp your foot whilst listening for the first time, they've done their job well, and have therefore accomplished a lot more than I myself can say I've accomplished at age 20. All these bands will be featured in our first show, which should be scheduled for the following Sunday, December 9th at 7pm on KMSA. Even though I was never trained on the equipment, and still having to find about 120 more minutes worth of music to play without losing too much continuity or relevance before finals will be a little difficult. Oktanksbai now!

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