Friday, December 14, 2007

two E's

OCS, Orinoka Crash Suite, The Oh Sees, Thee Ohsees: John Dweyer, of noise rock champions Coachwhips, has a new one on the way. Falling in love their 2006 The Cool Death of Island Raiders is a joy if you haven't done so yet. I missed their last release,Sucks Blood but the band's myspace has a couple tracks off of it which I am impressed with and will be purchasing as soon as the new The Masters Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In comes out. Listen to Ship if you're into Deerhoof. Then listen to Visit Colonel to get amped for the new album.

Buy them all,
we'll hang out.

and if you're still not convinced that they are wonderful, I took the time to hunt down a free cybervers of dabomb song The Gilded Cunt here on a tinyways podcast.

Just give it some time to load, then click the trash skip slider and drag it right until you see the wonderful numbers 38:13.

Go on, do it. You have the time.
and it'll be worth it.

But I do apologize, it's the best I could do, with us being too lame to have a server and me only having six minutes left on my library internet time.

I hope you like it,
let us know
let them know.

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