Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Deerhoof's Siriustar UNFUCKINGREVEALED! pt.1

After one of the most intense listening sessions to solely Deerhoof's Siriustar on repeat shardmaster Aaron and myself bring to you the most in depth analyzation of the song on the net at this time.

Our thesis is as follows: Siriustar depicts a pack of santa-hating wolves on christmas eve.

Quote: "Boom, light that fire." Referring to the wolves' call to light the fire as Santa descends the chimney, then listen closely for: "Ho, ho, ho" that signals Santa Claus on the rooftop.

"Do your guys eyes wild? Music of The Who playing big: Fire." The Who, being one of the more vocal anti-christmas bands, and their song "Fire", being one of their most violent to date, is a rousing declaration of Claus directed bloodlust.

Siriustar continues: "Lunatic night rides," in response to Santa's well documented sleigh rides, "the moon flips them inside out," which is clearly a juxtaposition between Santa Claus and a werewolf, which are considered heretics by regular wolves, "Growing slowly," continues on the theme of werewolvery as well as addressing Santa's weight problems. The guitar then erupts into what we like to refer to as the "elephant squeal", which is either in fact air being pushed out an elephants trunk or a sped up whale sample.

Let us quickly point out that Deerhoof is an adamant anti-obesity activist band, especially considering the time-frame of this album; "The Runners Four" in protest of rising obesity rates in bay area.

This time signature, 1:33, marks a change in the bass line of the song (which you can easily examine in your home audio theatre if you raise the decibel level to precisely 147) that is in fact bass player Chris Cohen repeating these lines into a specially designed microphone, "I'm gonna kill that guy, I'll stuff his stockings, all I want for christmas is for santa to die!"

"Sonic, oh! That man lifts us to higher" referring to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog; a pinnacle of speed and fitness. "You've got to lose, now! How How How?"

"Be a sirius star" or more likely "Serious Star" Challenging Santa to take his influence less lightly and be a better role model for our children.

Pt. 2 to come soon.

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